The Easiest Way To Wake Up Early — 5-am Club Overrated?

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

1. Consistency

The overarching rule in all of these tips is consistency. I tried waking up early during weekdays and sleeping in during weekends. Trust me, it doesn’t work. I don’t care who you are, you need so much mental energy to get yourself back into the early mornings after a weekend of sleeping.

2. Path of least resistance

If you want to make waking up early in the morning consistent, you need to make the path of least resistance not going to bed.

3. Make it fun

It would be impossible to wake up early if I didn’t enjoy my morning routine. When I first started, I already implemented things that I liked in my morning routine; like cooking lunch and meditating.

4. DeepWork

Since you’re the most focused in the morning, plan at least an hour of DeepWork in your morning routine.

The fallacy of late-night productivity

A lot of people surprisingly come with the excuse of “I work better during the night. So what’s the harm in staying up late and waking up late.”

  • Healthy heart and blood.
  • Less fat, more muscle.
  • Stronger bones.
  • Better verbal memory, spatial abilities, or mathematical reasoning.
  • Better libido.
  • Improved mood.

5. Be active

I’m not advocating for the rise and grind mentality if that means you’re not sleeping enough. You need 8 to 9 hours of sleep to stay healthy.

6. The no sleep dilemma

Okay, so you have two options.

7. Track your sleep

Something very simple but an overlooked aspect of sleep, is tracking it. The only way you’ll get to know your sleeping habits is by tracking them.

8. Know yourself

This might be the most important trick of them all. If you know yourself well. You know exactly what kinds of tricks you play on yourself to avoid waking up early.



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Felix Tikkanen

Felix Tikkanen


A 17-year-old teenager trying to become the best version possible. I write about blockchain/crypto and self-improvement.